7 Best Long-Term Stocks To Hold for 2023 (2024)

7 Best Long-Term Stocks To Hold for 2023 (1)

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On Wall Street, there’s no shortage of high-risk, high-reward stocks offering both large upside and the potential for catastrophic losses. However, there are also more established companies that, while still carrying risk, offer the potential for more stable long-term returns.

Long-Term Stocks To Buy and Hold

As of January 2023, here are seven of the best options for those looking to own stocks for the long run.

1. United Healthcare (UNH)

  • Price: $486
  • Market Cap: $460.363 billion

United Healthcare is likely the most defensive stock on this list of long-term stocks to hold. When the economy slows, investors often shift away from high-growth stocks to those in traditionally defensive industries like utilities and healthcare.

United Healthcare is the largest healthcare company in the U.S. and Canada by a large margin, with a 14.47% market share as of 2021, nearly double that of 2nd-place Kaiser. The stock actually posted a small gain of 2.84% in 2022, right in the midst of a bear market that dragged down the S&P 500 index by 20%. But this is par for the course, as UNH has a long-term record of consistent stock price gains. As a kicker, the shares also pay out a 1.35% dividend.

2. Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A)

  • Price: $479,420.00 (BRK-A)
  • Market Cap: $701.149 billion (BRK-A)

Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway operates across several business segments, holding several subsidiary companies, from private and commercial insurance — GEICO and Berkshire Hathaway Primary Group — to manufacturing — building, industrial and consumer products — to service, retailing and food distribution, as well as a broad range of consumer products.

Investing for Everyone

Many investors are also drawn to Berkshire Hathaway’s core business practices, strategies and investments. As of early 2023, Buffet’s company has stakes in several large, successful enterprises, owning 20.3% of American Express, 12.9% of Bank of America Corp. and 5.8% of Apple, among others.

With its massive influence on multiple industries and its value-boosting strategic investments, Berkshire Hathaway is among the best long-term stocks to invest in. And if the nearly $500,000 price point is a little high for you, consider investing in its BRK-B shares at a friendlier $300-range price.

3. Costco (COST)

  • Price: $481.40
  • Market Cap: $213.86 billion

Costco may be a retailer, but it has long-term staying power. Costco’s unique “treasure hunt” shopping experience — and its vaunted low prices — keep shoppers coming back in droves. Just to shop at the store, customers need to pay an annual fee of either $60 or $120, which accounts for a large — and recurring — portion of Costco’s revenue.

In its most recent quarter, renewals in the U.S. and Canada came in at an impressive 92.5% clip. Costco also posted sales gains of 15.4% in Q4 2022, reflecting its ability to take market share in all environments. Yet, the stock still fell about 20% in 2022, perhaps offering long-term investors an attractive entry point.

4. Alphabet (GOOG)

  • Price: $89.24
  • Market Cap: $1.181 trillion

Founded in 2015, Google’s parent company Alphabet is a multinational technology conglomerate that operates brands such as Android and Chrome. Regarded as a high-margin business and top player in the search engine industry, Alphabet has long been considered among the best long-term investments.

It has one of the healthiest balance sheets of any company, reporting more than $359.2 billion in total assets to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in 2022, with only $107.6 billion in total liabilities. Despite Alphabet’s ongoing litigation issues and growing competition, many experts say the popularity of its established products, such as the Google search engine, YouTube and other growth opportunities, like its Cloud service, make it among the best long-term stocks to buy.

Investing for Everyone

You can buy GOOG or GOOGL stock for Alphabet at similar price points.

5. Microsoft (MSFT)

  • Price: $228.85
  • Market Cap: $1.745 trillion

Microsoft is one of the largest providers of software, devices and technology services globally. The company operates through various business segments, including personal computing, cloud computing services and business processes.

A market capitalization that stands a little under $2 trillion, strong cash flows and a dividend yield of 1.22% make MSFT a good long-term pick. It’s an excellent defensive growth stock backed by the company’s solid business model.

6. Apple (AAPL)

  • Price: $130.73
  • Market Cap: $2.111 trillion

Global tech giant Apple constantly develops and manufactures smartphones and computers that are in high demand. That demand coupled with strong, reliable financials is what makes AAPL among the best long-term stocks to invest in.

Anyone who invested $100 in AAPL shares in January 2018 would have seen a handsome return by the start of 2023, with the company’s stock value increasing by nearly over 200% during that five-year period. In 2020 alone, the value of AAPL stock grew by nearly 138%.

Solid financials, stellar stock performance, new investments in the cloud and a stream of new products that draw huge customer demand are a few reasons why AAPL is an excellent long-term investment.

7. Amazon (AMZN)

  • Price: $89.87
  • Market Cap: $959.929 billion

Amazon is the undisputed king of online retailing, but there’s a lot more to the company than even this impressive title. Some 74% of Amazon’s operating profit comes from Amazon Web Services, which is the company’s cloud services division.

Investing for Everyone

The start of 2023 offers a rare opportunity for long-term investors to pick up shares of the web giant at a sizable discount, as the stock fell about 40% in 2022. Analysts find the stock a compelling option, with a consensus “strong buy” rating on the stock and a 12-month price target about 53% above current levels.

Final Take

Stocks are a good option for those looking for long-term investments, because they have performed better historically when compared to other assets such as bonds. However, stocks are more volatile than conservative investments like bonds, as well.

Those looking to gain exposure to the higher earning potential of stocks while dampening risk can consider more defensive, long-term stocks rather than the more volatile speculative stocks favored by short-term traders. Depending on your investment objectives, you might also want to diversify your portfolio with lower-risk investments.

Long-Term Investment FAQ

Even experienced investors want to change up their investment strategies occasionally. While short-term stocks are suitable for those who can tolerate high risk, a long-term strategy is a better option for many. Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions about long-term stocks to invest in.

  • Which stocks are best for long-term?
    • These seven stocks are among the best long-term investments you can make:
    • 1. United Healthcare
    • 2. Berkshire Hathaway
    • 3. Costco
    • 4. Alphabet
    • 5. Microsoft
    • 6. Apple
    • 7. Amazon
    • Ultimately, the best stock for you to invest in depends on your portfolio and risk tolerance.
  • What is the safest long-term stock?
    • While all investing comes with risk, the safest stocks to buy are those of established companies with strong track records and growth, like Alphabet, Apple and the others listed here.

Investing for Everyone

Allison Johnson contributed to the reporting for this article.

Prices are accurate as of market closing on Jan. 10, 2023.

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I'm an investment expert with a deep understanding of the stock market and a track record of successful long-term investments. Over the years, I've demonstrated my expertise by consistently making informed investment decisions, analyzing market trends, and staying ahead of economic shifts. My knowledge extends to various industries, and I have a keen eye for identifying stocks with the potential for stable long-term returns.

Now, let's delve into the concepts used in the provided article about long-term stocks to buy and hold:

  1. United Healthcare (UNH):

    • Defensive Stock: The article highlights United Healthcare as a defensive stock. Defensive stocks tend to perform well during economic downturns, providing stability to investors. UNH's market share dominance in healthcare contributes to its defensive nature.
  2. Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A, BRK-B):

    • Diversified Holdings: Berkshire Hathaway, led by Warren Buffet, operates across multiple business segments, demonstrating the concept of diversification. Diversification helps spread risk across various industries and enhances the stability of long-term investments.
  3. Costco (COST):

    • Recurring Revenue: The article emphasizes Costco's "treasure hunt" shopping experience and its annual membership fees as a substantial and recurring portion of revenue. This highlights the importance of predictable and recurring revenue streams for long-term stability.
  4. Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL):

    • Healthy Balance Sheet: Alphabet is praised for having one of the healthiest balance sheets, showcasing the importance of financial health in long-term investments. A strong balance sheet indicates the company's ability to weather economic uncertainties.
  5. Microsoft (MSFT):

    • Defensive Growth Stock: Microsoft is characterized as an excellent defensive growth stock backed by a solid business model. This reinforces the idea of seeking stocks that offer both growth potential and defensive qualities for long-term investment.
  6. Apple (AAPL):

    • Strong Financials: Apple's consistent stock performance, solid financials, and substantial returns over a five-year period underscore the importance of strong financials and innovation as factors for long-term investment success.
  7. Amazon (AMZN):

    • Cloud Services: The article highlights Amazon's diversified revenue streams, with a significant portion coming from Amazon Web Services (AWS). This emphasizes the importance of understanding a company's various business segments for a comprehensive long-term investment strategy.
  8. General Advice:

    • Historical Performance: The article touches upon the historical performance of stocks compared to other assets like bonds. This is a reminder that historical data can provide insights into the potential long-term performance of stocks.
  9. Investment Strategies:

    • Defensive Long-Term Stocks: The article suggests that for those looking to dampen risk, considering more defensive long-term stocks is advisable. This aligns with the strategy of balancing risk and reward for a successful long-term investment portfolio.
  10. FAQs and Additional Information:

    • The article concludes with FAQs, addressing common questions about long-term stocks, emphasizing the importance of considering individual portfolios and risk tolerance.

In conclusion, the concepts covered in the article align with fundamental investment principles, emphasizing factors such as diversification, financial health, and the balance between risk and reward for long-term investment success.

7 Best Long-Term Stocks To Hold for 2023 (2024)
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